Parrot cage

Housing a parrot

1. Buying the parrot cage:

After finding the parrot or parrots you have to buy an adequate cage.

The first point to consider is the comfort of the birds, they need space, according to their size, their number and their moves.

Then take the practical side of the cage into consideration: it must be easy to clean. Then you may consider the esthetical side!

Choose the material of the cage according to the bird: wood, metal or plastics.

parrot cageNever place magazine paper on the cage ground, prefer sand or cat litter (non scented).

2. Placing the parrot cage:

The parrot cages should be placed in a peaceful, well lighted place, with air, but no draught. Be careful with other pets such as dogs and cats, until they get used to each others.

Avoid to move the cage too often, birds are stressed by any change. Do not place the cage in a kitchen, even well ventilated: kitchen steams are lethal for birds.

If you have a garden, you can build an aviary. You will make it according to the birds and your financial means. Make sure the rails are robust and of good quality. You have to think of outside predators. Try to build an entry chamber, and enough doors to feed the birds without scaring them. A shelter against wind and rain is also necessary.

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 Parrot cages