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Things you should ask yourself before buying a parrot

  • Parrots are sentient creatures, capable of experiencing a range of emotions.
  • Any person wanting to own a parrot should be ethically and financially responsible for parrots' health and happiness.
  • Responsible ownership includes educating oneself on the ever-evolving research that has developed and information that is constantly becoming available.
  • All parrots require daily interaction with their owners.
  • Most Cockatoos require a great deal of attention, but a good rule of thumb, is not to provide more today than you can provide 5 years from now.
  • Other species including Conures, Cockatiels, African Greys and Amazons also need socialization, and they are adept at utilizing their toys and playgyms in a satisfying way.
  • Before purchasing a bird, view a variety of parrots, categorize and take note of their needs, and then compare to what you can provide.
  • Don't choose a large, loud bird if you live in an apartment. You may find yourself or your bird, homeless.

  • It is important to find an avian veterinarian beforehand, both for the well-bird check-up and in case of emergencies. Once a year vet checks help you to keep track of your birds health.
  • Purchase the largest possible parrot cage you can, as exercise is as important as mental stimulation. Outfit the cage with a variety of perches and appropriate size toys. Install the cage in the main living area, but away from kitchen fumes.
  • Parrots can be MESSY, NOISY, EXPENSIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE! In addition, they need frequent baths and not all of them talk.

The fact that parrots are messy is a given. They are responsible for re-foresting the forest floor. They are noisy in that their normal vocalizations are to flock call in the morning and evening.

  • Plus they love to chatter in between. This is their way of communicating and should not be discouraged.
  • Aside from the initial investment of the parrot itself and cage, there are ongoing costs of food, routine vet checks, grooming costs (parrot clipping wings, trimming nails), parrot toys and occasional emergencies requiring veterinary care.
  • Being intellegent creatures, parrots need to occupy their time, and if not provided with a variety of toys, will turn on their (your) environment. That translates into your woodwork, blinds, coffee table and antiques. Most parrot species originated from a tropical or rainforest environment. For good health and feather condition, frequent baths are necessary either in the shower, with a spray bottle or in the sink.

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