Parrot toys

Teaching a parrot how to play with toys

Not all birds seem to play with toys.  A possible reason for this is that the bird doesn't know how  to play. 

Although this may seem strange, it's true.  If this is the case with your bird, you need to teach it how to play. 

You can do this by taking a variety of toys that he/she will have in the cage and show your bird how much fun you have playing with the toy. 

Inspect it, handle it and generally play with it in close quaters of your parrot and act as though you're having a brilliant time.  This hopefully will intrigue the bird and spark its interest in the toy. 

After a while, try handing it over to the parrot and let it inspect the toy.  If he/she shows no interest, you may want to try again or have a go with another type of toy.

This may seem like a lot of work and a bit silly, but it is vital that a bird is capable of entertaining itself.  It is unlikely that you will constantly be there to play with your parrot, so it must learn to play with its toys when you are not there to provide the entertainment.  A bored bird can become stressed, a feather plucker, screamer, biter or recluse.

It is also a good idea to rotate the toys in your parrot's cage so that it does not become bored of playing with the same things.  If you cannot afford lots of different toys, even just switching the positions of the toys to provide a 'change of scenery' can brighten your bird's day!

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