African Grey Parrot Price

African Grey parrots are relatively large exotic birds and despite them being among the most popular parrots, they are quite expensive. Prices for African Greys vary between regions, breeders, age of the parrot, and whether you are looking to buy a Congo or a Timneh grey. 

Generally, Timneh Grey parrots are more expensive than the Congos.  In the United States, a Congo African Grey’s price starts at $1,000 and can go up to $4,000 while a Timney African Grey’s price starts at around $1,700- $2,000. Adopting a Grey may be a better idea financially as adoption costs could be just half of that.

In the United Kingdom, prices for African greys usually start at £1,000 but beware that you will need to see the seller’s CITES certificate before purchasing a new parrot. Females are slightly more expensive than male African Greys as they can lay eggs and reproduce.

Monthly Costs to Own an African Grey

The initial price of the African Grey is just one part of the story, they will need maintenance and quality food. Expect to pay at least $500 for initial costs with the cage, toys, first health checkup, and health certificate if needed.

After the initial cost, the monthly costs will mostly be related to pellets, fruits, seeds, other treats, occasional toys, and pet insurance if you opt for that. Being larger parrots, African Greys do consume more food but most likely you should be able to keep the monthly costs around $120-$150. 

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