Goffin Cockatoo Care

The Goffin’s cockatoo may be small compared to the other white cockatoos, but make no mistake about it, the goffins come equipped with the standard larger-than-life personality that cockatoos are so well known for.

They are a bit like the smaller, sportier version of the Moluccan cockatoo – but they don’t have as much room in their trunk for all the baggage that the Moluccan seems to haul around. This is a bird that knows how to have a good time.

The Goffin’s cockatoo is playful, interactive, and affectionate. They are full of life, full of themselves and there is rarely a dull moment once you bring them into your home…and heart.

That is not to say that there are never problems with this species. The goffins is, after all, a cockatoo. They are, by nature, sensitive and overly dramatic and require an owner that is patient and committed. When things go wrong, they can go very wrong; but when it is good, it is heaven.

So how do you establish that blissful relationship with a goffins cockatoo? By being the kind of person who pays attention to the small details of every aspect of their care. Here are 4 places to start.

Make the cage a great place to be!

Like most people, you probably find it necessary to earn money. How else are you supposed to afford all those cool things for your bird? This will likely take you out of the house for at least part of the day.

Your goffins cockatoo is a very active and intelligent bird and will need lots of stimulating activities to keep him occupied in your absence. The cage should be large enough to encourage physical exercise to allow it to burn off all that crazy cockatoo energy.

Learn to read your bird!

Birds are experts in the field of body language. They use this skill to communicate their moods, wants, and intentions to other birds. Humans rely heavily on verbal language making us miss a lot of the clues we subconsciously send out to one another.

Your bird has the advantage of being able to read you like a book. It will serve you well to learn to read him. Cockatoos send out unique signals and their messages are often so minute that they go undetected. It takes a while to learn their silent language, but it is well worth the effort.

Keep your bird healthy!

The appropriate diet and a high-quality pellet should be offered every day. Yes, there will be days when you praise him for emptying his bowl only to discover later that most of the food was emptied onto the floor behind the cage. We just do the best we can by making sure it is there every day to be eaten… and occasionally stuck to the wall.

Captive birds have relatively few opportunities to get exercise. Wild birds are in constant motion: flying, climbing, hopping from branch to branch. The difference in the chest muscle tone between a flighted bird and a clipped bird is significant. You should do everything you can to keep your bird healthy by encouraging activity and flight.

Your bird should have a “well bird exam” (the avian equivalent of a physical) with an avian vet every year. Just because you find excuses to avoid yours doesn’t mean you should do the same with your bird. Wild birds hide their illnesses to avoid being targeted by predators. They carry on that tradition in our homes. The good bird exam is sometimes the only way we find out our bird is sick before it is too late to help them.

Make the most of your time together!

Your goffins cockatoo will need at least 2 hours out of cage time each day to keep it well-socialized and physically interactive. The biggest mistake parrot owners make is bringing their bird out of the cage and setting it on a perch while they go about their activities.

Sure, the bird is grateful to finally be out of the cage and enjoys being in your company, but this is a time that can be put to much better use. This is your chance for the two of you to have meaningful interaction that strengthens bonds and builds trust.

We recommend that you spend at least part of the out-of-cage time engaged in training. Your bird will love the one-on-one attention from you and the chance to earn yummy treats. You will love watching your relationship with your bird blossom into a lifelong friendship.

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