Nanday Conure

Considered to be one of the most beautiful parrots in existence, Nanday Conures are a gorgeous parrot with a distinct feature: its black-hooded cap. Considered to be a very sociable parrot, Nanday Conures adapt very well to any new environment.

With a lifespan of 20 years, this parrot is quite talkative and can be taught sounds and words as well as tricks.

Healthy by nature, Nanday Conures should be kept on a pellet-based diet supplemented with a daily serving of fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise and training are also vital components of a happy and healthy Nanday Conure.

Social by nature, they desire a great deal of attention and exhibit a playful personality which can be fun for the entire family. Because they are a social species, they require dutiful interaction on a daily basis. Although they do tend to screech at times, this can be easily controlled through trick training.

Considered the most popular among the Conures, the Nandays are prone to respiratory ailments. Thus, keeping a clean cage, regular visits to the avian veterinarian, and providing proper care will help to prevent any unforeseen problems in the future.

In addition, Nanday Conures can become easily bored. This playful bird wants toys! And they deserve them too. Make sure you have enough toys and perches in their cage to keep them busy and occupied when you can’t be around. In fact, one of the most unique and possibly strange habits of the Nanday is their habit of sleeping on their backs. This can be quite scary for new owners who think their lovely bird has gone and kicked the bucket. 

Plan to spend up to four hours a day with your Nanday. Yes, this species needs that much attention. Besides, who wants a bird that just sits in its cage? It’s much more fun to have an interactive bird like the Nanday. If you want something that is happy to sit in its cage all day, get a fish.

However, if you want a social, playful, and loving companion, and if you have the time and the patience, this is one parrot you will immediately love and be the recipient of love in return.

Due to the outgoing nature, Nanday Conures quickly get used to their owners and the bond will naturally form. But, because they may bond with one member of the family, they can get a bit ornery if they are upset or are not given enough attention and stimulation.

It should also be noted that the only way to distinguish the sex of a Nanday is by visiting a vet. Unlike some parrots whose plumage may denote a specific splash of color to determine its sex, the Nanday Conures sex is ascertained from surgical sexing.

Nandays love to chew and therefore it’s advisable to provide them with as much stimulation in the way of wooden blocks and toys. Make sure the toys are both durable and safe. The more variety you can provide the better. 

The Nanday Conure enjoys colorful toys, toys that make noise, toys they can climb, and toys that offer little problem-solving. Rotate toys to keep your Nanday from getting bored. It is also helpful to have plenty of toys already on hand as they will destroy them – it’s their nature. 

Optimal care of a Nanday includes providing a cage large enough for their playful personality, stainless steel is best. It is also important to place the cage in a location that receives natural sunlight, is free from drafts, and is close to the center of your household action. Your Nanday is part of your family and deserves to be positioned where the family hangs out, not stuck in a back room like an ornament. 

Nanday Conures also need plenty of sleep, a diet rich in nutrients, and an abundance of your time. Regular training sessions are the key to a bird that is both well-socialized, adaptable, and problem free. Having Nanday Conure as a member of the family will bring years of joy and friendship.

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