Nanday Conure Training

Trick training is by far the best way to eliminate undesirable Nanday Conure behaviors.  As you know, they are exceptionally intelligent birds and when you engage them in trick training you accomplish several things.

  • Keeps their minds and bodies active
  • Shows aggressive Nandays that you’re the boss
  • Gives shy or timid Nanday Conures a sense of structure that they can trust and rely on
  • Creates a bond of trust with your Conure

Trick training is best done under the guidance of an expert.  An expert will be able to give you step-by-step instructions that are easy for you and your bird to follow.  An expert will be able to anticipate potential training problems.  

An expert who understands that you’re training to eliminate biting or screeching will address those problems specifically with the tricks that you train.  An expert eliminates the possibility of training mistakes which can lead to further behavior problems. 

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