Perhaps the most notable personality trait found in a caique (pronounced: ki-eek) is their playfulness. This is a parrot that doesn’t think twice about rolling onto its back to wrestle with a foot toy or swing wildly back and forth from the roof of its cage dangling by a single toe. Their colorful plumage is reminiscent of a circus clown – where there is a caique, there will always be laughter.

The caique is an active bird that is constantly in motion. That may be something of an understatement. In fact, they can be nippy when they aren’t given the opportunity to expend their boundless energy, and their headstrong nature is sure to test boundaries and push limits. Still, they are just plain fun to have around!

Creating The Perfect Play Area For A Caique

To create an environment for a caique that is sure to satisfy its endless need to play while keeping it safe from potential dangers around the house, the wise owner will spend a lot of time bird-proofing before bringing their birds home.

It is always important to bird-proof your home when you have a bird, removing electrical cords, keeping chemicals out of reach, and avoiding the use of aerosol sprays, nonstick-coated cookware, and room deodorizers, all of which have been responsible for many parrot deaths over the years. But with a caique, you may want to spend some extra time tending to the small details.

Your talented caique will find its way into anything, anywhere, if it looks like it might provide the opportunity for fun or exploration. This trait makes it especially important for owners to be aware of what they leave lying around the house.
The caique has a special knack for finding “lost” items – like your missing earring or mailbox key. But don’t expect a caique to simply hand it over to you once they’ve found it- they believe in the #1 rule of acquisition: “finders, keepers”. Everything is a toy to them – THEIR toy!

The perfect, and safest, environment for a caique is one that limits play to a single area of the house which is filled with fun and interesting things to do. Foot toys are a must with this species – which is any toy that is small enough to be manipulated by the feet but large enough not to be a choking hazard.

Swings and boings will be hot spots of activity for your high-energy caique. They love motion and can often be found swinging from a toy suspended from a chain in their cage. A play gym that is suspended from the ceiling might be a good investment; interestingly, caiques seem to prefer walking to flying and this may be one way to keep your busy bird stationary for a while.


An Energetic Bird Needs A Great Diet

An energetic bird needs to start every day with a diet that can sustain a high level of activity. That means that daily servings of fresh vegetables and fruit, cooked or sprouted legumes, grains, and a high-quality pellet are a must.
Aside from providing energy, proper nutrients keep a bird’s body operating at peak efficiency with a strong immune system that wards off bacteria and disease in the environment.

Most avian diseases and conditions can be traced back to poor diet. In order to keep your birds from suffering from illness or losing years of their lifespan due to malnutrition (and to avoid the hundreds, even thousands, of dollars these illnesses can cost you in vet bills) it is wise to learn about appropriate nutrition for parrots.

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