Potty Training Your Parrot

Potty training is something most parrots will become to learn easily enough. What you’ll need:

  • A designated ‘potty’ area (eg. Newspaper, a parrot-accessible T-stand or perch with a catch tray, etc)
  • A command word (such as “go potty” or “drop”)
  • A reward (a treat, favorite toy, or tickle-something your parrot will like that you think appropriate)
  • Patience!

As I’m sure you have noticed, parrots go to the toilet very frequently, usually about every 15-25 minutes, depending on the age, health, and general individuality of the bird. 

For potty training to be successful, you must learn the amount of time your parrot takes between each drop.  It is best to measure this when the bird is outside of its cage, as some parrots tend to go more or less frequently when they are outside of their cage. You can time it on a watch to get a better idea.

When you think it is time for your parrot to go to the toilet, take him to the ‘potty area’ and keep saying the command for him to go every couple of seconds.  Your parrot may try to wander off but keep him there until he goes because he won’t want to hold it in forever!  If you let him wander off, he is sure to do his business somewhere else and it has been a wasted session. 

When he has dropped, make a big fuss telling him how good he is, and reward him with whatever you decide.  Then let him carry on with whatever he wants to do.  This has concluded the first training session. 

Do this a further two or three times or for as long as your bird is out of the cage.  The more sessions you fit into one day, the faster your bird will learn.

Keep in mind

Unless your parrot has become so well trained that every time he needs to go he takes himself to the potty, you must keep track of ‘toilet times’ when your bird is out. 

If you don’t, your bird may try and hold it in and damage his health, or just go wherever he happens to be and put you back in your potty training.  However, if you are lucky, and the potty area is easily accessible to your bird at all times, he may be inclined to only go in the potty area.  If this is you then you are truly blessed.

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