Moluccan Cockatoo Care

Gorgeous and hot-tempered, your Moluccan Cockatoo requires intense devotion. When he doesn’t get the attention that he wants or seems to want, then it can result in really awful behavior.

Your Moluccan can and will bite. He will scream quite loudly when he’s unhappy or wants your attention.

Your gorgeous Moluccan Cockatoo is by many standards the most beautiful bird on the planet, however, when he’s unhappy he’ll gladly pull his beautiful feathers out one by one. Stop your Moluccan’s biting and screaming in several simple steps.

Is your Moluccan Cockatoo getting enough sleep?

Lack of sleep makes your Moluccan Cockatoo extremely cranky, especially during breeding season when emotions run high. How much sleep is enough sleep? 10 – 12 hours should do the trick.

Is your Moluccan Cockatoo bored?

You know that your cockatoo is extremely smart and smart birds get bored easily. Give him plenty of your attention – Moluccans are extremely social birds and they need regular human interaction. When you’re not available, make sure your cockatoo has plenty of toys to keep him busy and interested.

Is your Moluccan Cockatoo screaming for your attention?

If he is, and this is quite often the case with these fiercely devoted and high-maintenance birds, you can quickly cease the screaming by spending some time with him every day and trick training.

Moluccan Cockatoo Feather Plucking

Tips to handle feather plucking. Feather plucking is heartbreaking to watch. Your beautiful bird, destroying his plumage and you don’t know why. The absolute first thing that you need to do is take him to your avian veterinarian to make sure he isn’t sick. Once he is given a good bill of health, make sure he is on a good diet and is getting enough sleep and activity.

If these basic solutions still don’t work, don’t give up. Time, patience, and some trick training will not only eliminate feather plucking but will also reinforce a positive bond between you and your Moluccan Cockatoo.

Tips to handle biting and aggression. Biting and aggression are often the results of jealousy when it comes to your Moluccan Cockatoo. Male Moluccans can be particularly aggressive once they’ve reached those wonderful teenage years.

The result is a cockatoo that attacks everyone in the house but their one true love and the person that they’ve established a primary bond with. The worst thing that you can do is allow this behavior to continue.

The second worst thing you can do is have a strong reaction to it. For example, if your Moluccan chases your spouse or partner around the home, screams, or bites them, the worst thing you can do is run or allow them to intimidate you. This behavior only reinforces your Moluccan behavior.

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