Amazon Parrot Screaming

Amazons are noisy birds. They are particularly noisy when you least want them to be, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It’s their very exuberant way of saying “Howdy!” Beyond this normal noisiness, there are times when your Blue Fronted may scream their annoyance. However, you can really quiet them down by feeding at the hours they would normally scream and using food-finding toys to do so so that it takes a long time for your bird to get through the meal, and before he knows it – that instinctive time is over!

They may do it simply to get your attention or to make you go away. Reacting to screaming, like reacting to biting, has the tendency to enforce the behavior rather than eliminate it.

To eliminate training you’ll want to determine what causes your Blue Front to scream and you’ll want to spend some time training your parrot. Training helps build a bond of trust and helps you both enjoy being around one another more. Plus you can even train your parrot to say words or sing songs to get your attention rather than screaming. How cute would that be?!

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