Moluccan Cockatoo Cages

Moluccan cockatoos have extremely strong beaks and strong minds. This combination of brains and power means they’ll be out of their cage faster than you can say “Escape Artist.” Do choose stainless steel. Stainless steel is the strongest and safest metal you can buy.

Other metals like zinc are toxic – stay away from them. Steel cages coated with a non-toxic paint that is durable and won’t chip off are okay too. Your Conure will chew on the cage bars and you don’t want them eating the toxic paint.

Cockatoos need room to roam, fluff their feathers and be the gorgeous birds they are. Of course, they most certainly prefer to be outside of their cage where they can be with their people.

That being said, they can’t be outside of their cage 24/7 so it’s important to make sure they’re happy in their cage environment. Do choose a cage that is large enough to accommodate your beautiful companion. The minimum cage size should be at least 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 3 ft. high.

What shape cage? While a round or ornamental cage might best be suited for your home or for your personal taste, this is not the right cage for your Moluccan. Do choose a rectangular cage.

Cockatoos like to climb. The taller the cage and the more space available at the top, the happier your Moluccan will be. If you’ve ever owned a cockatoo, you know their happiness has a direct effect on your happiness.

Important cage features. Do choose a cage where the bars are a maximum of half an inch apart. This makes certain your Moluccan is safe and makes it easy for them to climb around their cage. Don’t choose a cage with a guillotine door.

Doors that open up like a guillotine are extremely dangerous, especially for the incredibly intelligent Moluccan Cockatoo who will most certainly try to escape. Instead, choose a cage with a door that opens to the side or down like a drawbridge over a moat. This type of door eliminates any kind of accident that might happen and it makes it easy for you to retrieve your parrot from its cage.

Look for a cage with a removable bottom tray. Make sure your cage bottom has a wire grating so that waste and dropped food can fall through and be easily cleaned. However, the distance between the cage mesh and the bottom of the tray is important too. You don’t want your Moluccan to be able to retrieve food from the bottom tray.

Also, consider choosing a cage with wheels. It will make it easier for you to relocate your bird when he needs to sleep or to place him in a room when he is screeching. Relocating your Moluccan or covering their cage is often an effective way to train your Moluccan to stop.

Take the time to stock your Moluccan’s cage with an abundance of toys. Your Moluccan is a very intelligent and active bird. No toys mean an unhappy and bored bird – not a good thing. Look for toys that challenge your bird, toys that entertain, and toys that encourage them to explore, chew, and climb.

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