Tips for Keeping Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets are easy parrots to keep as pets but there are some questions each owner might have before starting.

One or Two Parakeets?

Two budgies can be tamed, however, they will never be as attached to you as a single budgie. A single budgie will be more affectionate, however, they require lots of time every day to spend with their person.

Male or Female Parakeets?

Both male and female parakeets make wonderful pets. If you want a budgie that may learn to talk, stick with males. People often say females are more prone to nipping, however, I find nipping is an individual, rather than a sex-linked, trait. Females make great pets, too.

How to Care for Pet Parakeets

It’s really a shame the way the vast majority of budgies are cared for; kept in small cages, fed an all-seed diet, occasionally finger-tamed but not always, and even when they are they’re rarely taken out of their cage. When kept like this, budgies really aren’t very good pets, and rarely live beyond a few years when they have to be replaced. The truth is, when kept with the same care as bigger parrots, budgies make just as good pets. Once tame (really tame, not just finger-tame), budgies are cuddly, often talkative, interesting little birds. It’s really a shame so few budgies ever reach their potential.

Budgies should be kept in large cages, with a varied diet (based on pellets), and should be very well tamed if they’re kept without a friend; a single budgie should be allowed out to socialize with his people, every day, for at least a couple hours. Otherwise, they get quite lonely.

Are Parakeets Noisy Pets?

Parakeets are quiet birds. If you’re used to a very quiet household, or perhaps the even quieter noises of canaries or finches, they can seem somewhat loud, however, they’re next to silent when compared with larger parrots (even cockatiels and lovebirds!).

Who Are Parakeets Suitable For?

Almost anyone can own a budgie with no problems. They’re inexpensive, fun to keep, and easy to tame. Just make sure you buy a big enough cage (many cages marketed as “parakeet cages” are much too small), and if you don’t have much time to spend with your bird (at least two hours a day), consider buying two, as, like all parrots, they get lonely easily, and they’ll be quite entertaining.

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