Goffin Cockatoo Training

Goffin cockatoos are very energetic parrots. They go on to pick padlocks and have been known to open combination locks. No joke. Most people discover this hidden talent the hard way: when they come home to the demolition site that used to be their living room. These birds can and will get into everything if left unsupervised.

However, this particular artistry makes them perfect candidates for foraging toys since they are so adept at getting into (or out of) whatever suits them.

They are affectionate birds and love a hands-on relationship with their humans, but, unlike the larger cockatoos, they are less demanding of physical attention. It is important that the very social goffins cockatoo gets at least a couple of hours of out-of-cage time every day.

All members of the family should interact daily with your Goffin’s cockatoo to keep it well-socialized and willing to be handled by everyone. This species has a tendency toward fearfulness and needs to be gently exposed to new things often to keep it adaptable to the inevitable changes that life brings.

Like any parrot, improper care and environment will result in unwanted behaviors such as screaming, biting, and feather destruction, such as plucking, to which they can be prone.

In general, Goffin’s cockatoos are friendly and happy birds. But they are also cockatoos and, as such, have the potential to go off the rails when they are dissatisfied with their environment or are receiving inadequate care.

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