Moluccan Cockatoo Diet

Nutrition is extremely important for a happy and healthy Moluccan too. Feed your cockatoo a pellet-based diet. We’re talking about non-colored and organic pellets. These provide optimal nutrients for your cockatoo and are a great start to a healthy bird. Now they’re not a one-stop solution.

Supplementation, daily supplementation, of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential. Your Moluccan is a smart bird and will enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables in different forms.

Offer the veggies raw and cooked, chopped, julienne, or pureed. Also, take the extra time to wash fruits and veggies to remove pesticides or buy organic.

Do not feed your Moluccan Cockatoo a diet based on nuts and seeds! They’re full of fat and can literally kill your Cockatoo, if not make him incredibly grumpy, which inevitably leads to destruction and aggressive behavior. Instead, offer your Moluccan nuts and seeds as treats and rewards. Also, take the extra time to wash out both food and water bowls daily.

Taking optimal care of your Moluccan Cockatoo is important both to their health and happiness. They can be demanding birds however the rewards when they’re cared for and given a lot of TLC are great.

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