Rose-Breasted Cockatoo Diet

Rose Breasted Cockatoos tend to easily develop fatty tumors which can be detrimental to their health; it is important to keep seeds, nuts, and other high-fat foods to a minimal amount and not part of the parrot’s daily intake. These foods are best given as treats.

Their main diet should consist of a low-fat, organic pellet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cooked meats. Cockatoos love the diversity in their meals and will appreciate cooked pasta, beans, brown rice, fresh wheatgrass, sprouts, and non-toxic flowers on a daily basis.


Parrots tend to like to “dip” their food or soak it in their water in order to soften it for eating. It’s important to keep their water dishes fresh and clean to avoid bacteria buildup. This should be done daily.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the healthiest for companion parrots but some can be picky, in which case, you can try cooking these healthy foods in different ways. Such examples include boiling a sweet potato so it’s soft for your parrot to eat (wait an appropriate amount of time when feeding cooked foods to your bird for these foods to properly cool).

Discard fresh foods that haven’t been eaten in at least 24 hours.

To keep your parrot busy throughout the day and avoid boredom (which leads to biting, screaming, and feather plucking) it’s best to provide fun and interactive ways for your bird to eat its meals every day. Such ways include using skewers for fresh foods and various food-finding toys for hard foods such as pellets.

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