Training African Grey Congo

Congo African Grey parrots are extremely susceptible to turning into bad behavior parrots if not raised properly. 

They need to be trained to not be fearful of people and new objects, which is one of the biggest problems with Congos. Congo African Greys tend to develop phobias of new things in their environment if not properly trained and socialized, and this often develops into feather-plucking issues that are very sad and leave your Congo African Grey with a naked chest that’s bloodied from being picked too much.

If you can raise your Congo African Grey properly, you’ll end up with a bird that is one of, if not the most intelligent species of a parrot on this planet. Some Congo African Grey has been scientifically proven to have the mental capabilities of a 2-year-old child and are excellent talkers.

And they do more than just talk… they comprehend words and can have a primitive conversation with you. They’re capable of telling you the names and colors of objects, and even asking for a favorite food of theirs and calling it by name.

Feather Plucking and Training

This sad behavior is often caused by medical issues. If your Congo African Grey is or ever does exhibit this behavior take them to the avian veterinarian right away. Once they’re given a clean bill of health you can go through the steps to eliminate unwanted behaviors, namely provide an optimal environment and train them. Yep, training works for feather plucking too.

Every bird, even the wonderful Congo African Grey, is susceptible to undesirable behaviors including biting, screaming, and feather plucking. Taking the time to give them great care and to train them will go a long way toward preventing and eliminating these behaviors should they pop up.

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