Parrots as pets

About parrots

Intelligent, affectionate, sociable and good looking are the characteristics that make a parrot a good company and a very popular pet.

Not to mention their ability to mimic human voices, which make them a true curiosity for most of us. Of course, when it comes to keep them at home, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind.

Different species of parrots have different needs. Parrot behavior can also vary from one to another.

While some of them can reach 80 years, other species, the small parrots only live for 15 – 20 years.

yellow parrotAnd they also need smaller places to live, while you need a large parrot cage for a bigger bird

You also have to know the temperamental differences as some of the parrots can be very noisy, or have special behavior.

Knowing all of these particularities you will know better how to take care of them, how to know if they are happy or behave normal.

However, the parrots aren't too hard to care of, but still they require time, a lot of attention, special food and living conditions, including grooming, sometimes veterinary care and training.

For more details visit our parrot health, parrot toys, parrot training or parrot information pages.

Keep in mind that parrots don't like the loneliness, and they need the human or other parrots' company to survive.


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