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Parrot supplies - buying a parrot

Most parrots are purchased from a retail pet shop. The retailer may cage the birds individually or a few to a cage.

Parrots are most easily observed in individual cages. Look for a retailer that displays his birds well and provides a rich diet.

The shop should be clean and the cage bottoms changed daily. Feed and water cups should be kept clean and feed and water fresh.

Look at both the bird and the cage. If the water is obviously dirty from the day before and the feed unchanged, look for a different retailer.

The shop should have a supply of adequate parrot cages and accessories. Many pet shops carry high quality feed for parrots and the important vitamin and mineral supplements that you must give the bird.

A well supplied pet shop offers written material on the type of parrot that it has for sale. Literature is often the pet buyers best guide for feeding and maintaining the bird properly. A good retail store can answer your questions or obtain information form other sources.

They can often provide the name of a veterinarian that treats birds. Many pet shops sell non perscription drugs and preparations for use with parrots, but always seek advice from a knowledgeable person regarding your pet birds's health. You may be able to locate a breeder of Parrots, but this is unlikely.

Breeding Parrots is a difficult undertaking at best. However, if you do know of either a local breeder or one in a nearby state, it is worth the trip to see what he has to offer.

Be certain that the out of state breeder is not selling you imported birds as domestically hatched. In addition to the retail pet shops, some breeders offer hand-raised parrots. These are by far the best candidates for taming and training.

Usually the hand raised parrots cost more, but the birds are worth more. Sometimes you get a parrot that has been someone else's pet. These birds are often untamed, confined to the cage. If the bird is in good health, take it.

With older parrots, be prepared to spend a great deal of time in the taming process. Sometimes people buy Parrots and resell them when they are unable to tame the bird.

Again, if the bird is in good health, buy it. Don't pay a premium price for a parrot that someone else has bought and failed with, but be reasonable in making an offer.

Some people travel to Mexico and South America and buy a parrot, expecting to bring it home with them.

Years ago this was not uncommon. These days, however, you must abide by the law that regulates the importation of parrots.

You must have documents to prove the parrot's good health, origin, amount of time in your possession, and destination. No more than two parrots can be brought into the United States per family. Many South American countries demand additional documents before you can leave their country with a parrot. If you plan to bring a pet parrot home from a foreign country as a souvenir of your vacation, be sure that you have followed the procedures exactly.

Write to the Department of Agriculture for information pertaining to bringing parrots into the country as an individual. The wholesale outlet usually can offer parrots at a lower price than the retailer. Many will not sell single birds to the public as their business is in quantity sales.

Their parrots are not caged for easy viewing. The usual setup is many birds to a single cage. The inexperienced buyer has a hard time trying to choose a good parrot out of a large group. The wholesale employees have no time to educate the buyer. For these reasons and others, it is best to buy pet parrots from a clean, reputable retail store.

Best parrots to buy

The best parrot to buy is a young bird that has recently been weaned. Make sure that the bird seems to be calm but alert. Some birds have emotional problems that are genetic in origin. These birds will probably end up plucking their feathers and having behavioral problems. You can usually tell if a parrot is young by it's eye pupils. Look to see that the pupil is less defined in color. This indicates a bird to be less than 1 year old. One should define what qualities that he or she is looking for in a parrot. If one is interested in a bird that is a good talker consider the following birds in ranking order:

  • Yellow Nape Amazon
  • Double Yellow Headed Amazon
  • African Grey Parrot (usually ranked as first but I beg to differ with this claim.)

If one is interested in a cuddling and affectionate bird please consider the following:

  • Molucan Cockatoo
  • Umbrella Cockatoo (least expensive)
  • Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoo

 Buying a parrot