Parrot toys

Letting your parrot play its own way!

I once asked a parrot owner, "why don't you give her some toys to play with?" I was told that the parrot "didn't play with the toys, she just destroyed them." 

Well that is exactly how parrots play with their toys!  'Search and destroy' is a favourite game of most parrots.  It's what comes naturally to them.  My grey has a lot more fun destroying his ladder than he does climbing up and down it, and that's fine by me if it keeps him happy and occupied.

At the moment, in my African  Grey's cage, there is a ladder, a swing, a large hanging rope-and-wooden-blocks-combo toy, a smaller rope and wood combo toy, a long cotton rope with knots running down it, 3 wooden perches and a pedicure perch. 

That may sound like a lot of toys to have in one parrot's cage but the cage is quite large and the toys are arranged so that he has lots of perching, running, climbing and stretching space. 

I simply let him do as he wishes with the toys (mainly dismantling, chewing and shredding into lots of tiny pieces), and when he has destroyed it, I replace it with a new toy for him to repeat the process!  I do not, however, allow any of his toys become dangerous.  For example, if he were to partially destroy a toy that had any sharp or pertruding edges, or cotton rope that could get him tangled, I would immediately remove that toy.

This may sound like an expensive process, but it really isn't.  You can buy thousands of different types of parrot toys that start at very reasonable prices.  Plus, it's unlikely that your parrot will be destroying one toy per day or even per week (although don't hold me to that depending on your bird!) 

Besides, it is your responsibility to care for your bird in the way it deserves.  They are intelligent creatures that require a lot of stimulation to maintain happiness, good mental health and a desirable personality.  Nobody wants a depressed bird with behavioral problems!


         Let your parrot play its own way