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Pet parrots

For hundreds of years, people have kept tropical birds as pets.

Their brightly colored feathers make them very beautiful and, because many pet birds can learn to talk, they can be good companions.

There are about 372 known species of parrots, approximately 86 genres, subdivides in three families:

  1. Psittacidae the genuine parrots
  2. Cacatuiade or cockatoos
  3. Strigopidae, a new family from New Zealand

Healthy parrots can live to be 15 to 80 years old! They come originally from hot tropical places such as South America, Australia and Africa.

The larger kinds of parrots are usually expensive to buy. If your family does choose a parrot as a pet, make sure that it has been bred in this country. People who steal eggs or baby parrots from the wild and smuggle them abroad to sell as pets are threatening the survival of some kinds of parrots.

Here are a few types of parrots that are kept as pets:

Africans Gray parrots are the best talkers and can learn to say almost 1,000 words. They are soft gray with a bright red tail and black bill

Amazon parrots  are the second-best talkers and they are the most popular of the parrots that originated in South America. They are a lovely yellow-green and are friendly birds

Cockatiel parrots  are about 30 centimetres (12 inches) long and have crests on their heads and long tails.

They are gentle birds and can be kept with other small birds such as finches. From Australia, these birds have a whistling song. They can be taught to talk a little.

Parakeets are smaller, colorful members of the parrot family. Both male and female birds chatter and sing. They are happier when two are kept together and like playing with toys such as ropes, bells and ladders.

Budgerigar parrot (budgies) which first came from Australia, are the most common parakeets kept as pets. They can be taught to say a few words.

The canary is a type of finch that got its name from the Canary Islands, where it originated. Some kinds of canaries are known for their singing and others are known for their beautiful feathers.
If you want a singer, buy a male, because females chirp but don't sing.

Myna birds can learn to say words and sentences so clearly that they sound like people. They're not afraid to talk in front of strangers, as some parrots are. Myna birds are shiny black with yellow marks around the eyes and bright yellow beaks.

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