Parrot toys

Toys for parrots

There are all sorts of toys on the market for our companion parrots such as swings, foot toys, trick toys, hanging toys, bells and easy-to chew-and-destroy toys. 

It is vital that parrots have toys to play with to keep their minds active and occupied. 

Stress caused by boredom in parrots is very common, and lack of entertainment can cause a bored bird to develop some severe behavioral problems.

Parrot toys can be fairly inexpensive and you can even make your own. 

parot toysCustom making toys for your pet bird is an especially good idea when you know exactly what your bird likes. 

You can make more complicated designs if you're creative, but remember to make sure the materials you are using are not harmful to the bird (they will not ingest anything poisonous to them) and that the toy cannot injure them (by getting their feet caught in it or hurting themselves on sharp edges etc).

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